These last couple of months have been eventful for everyone at Vonahi Security. In addition to recently earning our SOC 2 Type 1 certification, we’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with ByteChek in an effort to make annual compliance more efficient, affordable, and accessible to companies of all sizes.

This partnership couples two product-led tech companies with a shared passion for automation, and efficiency. Both organizations are innovating in ways that are completely unique to the cybersecurity industry. In honor of this partnership, we took the opportunity to dive into the backstory of both Founders.

Alton Johnson - Founder & Principal Security Consultant of Vonahi Security

Speaker, Coder, and Hacker - Alton grew up in New Orleans and began hacking at the age of 11. The day this genius discovered he could hack for a living, his ambitions became laser focused. After 10 years of hacking banks, retailers, fintech companies, and more - he was ready for a new challenge... Eventually, his growth began to feel stagnant due to the fact there have been very few notable improvements to the penetration test process since first being implemented in the 1960s. Alton knew there had to be a better way.  
Hello World, Meet vPenTest.

AJ Yawn - Founder & CEO of ByteChek

US Army Veteran and seasoned vet in the compliance space - AJ facilitated countless companies through their SOC compliance process. With over a decade of experience, he was exposed to every possible scenario. Like a true innovator - AJ found ways to implement automation to streamline compliance processes. All while creating relatable materials to educate the community. In his journey to make compliance suck less, we’ve watched ByteChek create a more positive culture for employees and an overall enjoyable experience for companies of all sizes.

“Every business is unique, and the traditional way can keep smaller companies in a jam when trying to pursue their certifications.       - Alton Johnson

For startups and small businesses, both a pentest and a compliance audit can be prohibitive for smaller organizations. A benchmark study by Help Systems shows that the third-highest expense category is Audit & assessment in the overall cost of compliance - reaching $75 million just in 2017. Sure, the traditional compliance process may be dependable... However, leveraging automation allows us to reduce turnaround time and increase cost-effectiveness. Thus, making compliance accessible for businesses of all sizes while prioritizing what’s most important - security.

Our partnership will make annual compliance more efficient, affordable, and accessible to companies of all sizes.

vPenTest from Vonahi Security helps ByteChek customers meet compliance in the following ways:

  1. Efficient & On-Demand: Meeting compliance is easy and fast with automation. Schedule an internal and external network penetration test whenever you need it and at any frequency: monthly, quarterly, etc. It's a platform that never sleeps and is never tired.
  2. Cost Effective: Automation reduces a lot of manual overhead associated with traditional pentesting. On average, our customers save about 40 - 60% with continuous and automated pentesting compared to their once a year manual pentest.

Vonahi Security is offering ByteChek customers an exclusive 2-month free on any vPenTest annual subscription package. vPenTest can be used by ByteChek customers to meet compliance requirements for an internal and external network penetration test, not only once, but on a continuous basis for a full year to strengthen their security posture and stay compliant.

All organizations on the ByteChek platform can now obtain an exclusive offer to access Vonahi Security's automated penetration testing platform. Please ask your ByteChek point of contact to refer you to Vonahi Security to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Need your SOC2, HIPAA, or ISO27001 Compliance? Sign up with ByteChek to save time, money and resources all in one platform.

About ByteChek

The ByteChek platform helps organizations of all sizes assess their cybersecurity posture efficiently and prove compliance faster. ByteChek enables companies to establish their security program, automate their readiness assessment, and complete their SOC 2 and other cybersecurity audits faster – all from a single platform.

About Vonahi Security

Vonahi Security is building the future of offensive cybersecurity consulting services through automation. Used by over 1,500 organizations, vPenTest from Vonahi is an automated platform that fully replicates manual internal and external network penetration testing, making it easy and affordable for organizations of all sizes to continuously evaluate cybersecurity risks in real-time. Vonahi Security is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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